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Caffeine Facts


Caffeine, you know it commonly in coffee. Around 50 percent of Americans drink coffee. Coffee has had a bad rap in the past, even being linked to high blood pressure and also an increase in getting cancer. However, the negative light on coffee has changed. It is now reported that caffeine may actually prevent cancer and stop the advancement of the cancer as well. There have been studies that suggest that caffeine may reduce your risk of Parkinson’s by as much as 80%. Drinking 5 to 6 cups of coffee every day, or using a caffeine supplement or powder, can reduce men’s risk of developing diabetes by over 50%, and women’s by 30%. Drinking coffee helps increase the body’s sensitivity and response to insulin, therefore is probably the benefit in diabetes prevention.

So, drinking a cup of coffee has its benefits, or even using caffeine powders to deliver the caffeine more effectively and quickly. Plus, not only can you save money by using a powder, but you are not limited to only a drink! There have been tests on applying caffeine directly to the skin and then was exposed to ultraviolet radiation. Cancerous tumors were actually show to have shrunk in over 70 percent, while over 40 percent caused non-cancerous tumors to shrink as well. Even when given orally, drinking 3 to 5 cups of coffee, the result was shrinkage as well. The way the caffeine is so effective is by its ability to block the growth of the tumor by blocking the protein called ATR. This protein is part of the cell growth and needed in the principles of the cells DNA, and its ability to replicate. So, don’t be surprised if you are drinking a coffee, and also using a caffeine additive sunscreen with the end result of fighting cancer.

Although 6 cups of coffee per day seems like a lot, well it actually is. Taking it in powder form is probably more effective, with the same end result. There are dangers to too much caffeine, this can be an increased heart rate, insomnia, and even an increase in cholesterol (usually related to unfiltered coffee and other additives). Pregnant women should not use caffeine, and patients with heart troubles should probably stay away from it as well. Caffeine doesn’t just give us energy, but a health benefit as well. Used carefully and moderately, it can be a blessing in disguise.

Benefits of Caffeine Powder


Caffeine is quite a mysterious substance we are yet to find out more about. For example, science still has no explanation for the power of caffeine making you perform better. We know that it stimulates adrenaline production, which increases blood flow and strengthens our muscles. Still, why and how this happens in detail is still unknown. Regardless, many athletes use it for these purposes. Caffeine powder is made synthetically and consists of 99% pure caffeine. Therefore, it is incredibly strong. Small amounts are needed for the desired effect of this substance. Proper dosage can make you more aware and skillful, boosting your performance and waking you up. There are many benefits to caffeine, such as benefiting our metabolism, fighting drowsy driving, and even fighting cancer. Caffeine boosts our metabolism. This is one of the best things about caffeine and its effects. It reduces symptoms of asthma, makes our respiratory system, liver and many of our organs work better, at the same time breaking down larger amounts of body fat.

Many sources of caffeine, especially tea and coffee, are known to be very rich in antioxidants, which are excellent for prevention of cancer development. Also, our heart and the entire cardiovascular system benefit from this positive influence of caffeine on our organism. Even though there are benefits, remember there are risks as well. However, mixing caffeine powder with other stimulants or taking it excessively, can prove to be very dangerous. Firstly, you may become addicted. Additionally, you are bound to suffer from restlessness, rapid heartbeat, hypertension, headaches, heartburn, insomnia, nausea, nervousness and many other problems.

Of course, many of the health benefits associated with the caffeine in coffee are related to other compounds as well including minerals and antioxidants. Other drinks with caffeine do not necessarily offer the same health advantages as coffee does. Soda for example, provides caffeine that is not good for the body. Soda contains zero antioxidants. Tea contains less caffeine that coffee and is also jam-packed with nutrients. It is a good alternative to coffee for those that may be sensitive to coffee. Tea like coffee contains many antioxidants that help fight off cancer and other diseases. Certain blends, like yerba mate, are quite strong. You can even brew them in a coffeepot and use them as a coffee replacement.

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